President Trump has one last chance to keep tax returns, financial records secret: the Supreme Court

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s years-long battle to keep his tax and financial records secret now rests with the Supreme Court.

Efforts by Congress and prosecutors in New York to obtain several years of tax returns and other documents pertaining to Trump’s personal and business affairs will be decided in the next few months by a court the president has both beseeched and berated.

The beseeching resumed Thursday when Trump’s personal lawyers asked the justices to hear his appeal of a U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruling that eight years of financial documents must be provided to a House committee investigating alleged illegal conduct and conflicts of interest.

“Under the D.C. Circuit’s decision, Congress can subpoena any private records it wishes from the president on the mere assertion that it is considering legislation that might require presidents to disclose that same information,” they said in court papers…Read more>>